"I think now that fate is shaped half by expectation, half by inattention."
-Rose Hsu Jordan

The Joy Luck Club

This year's Virginia Read has been generously  supported by the following donors and organizations: 

Don and Diane Bransford

Stacey and Benjy Costello

Mark and Deidre Galentine

Loni and J.J. Gross

Jon and Roberta James

Angela and Ted Kingsley

Alissa and Steve Maas

Sycamore Family Trust - Davis Ranches

Charlie and Kerry Verutti

Judy Welcome

Mire and Jamie Welcome

Woody and Kathy Yerxa​​

Gratefully, we make additions to this list throughout the year.  Please check again for the most recent information about the supporters of this year's Virginia Read.

  Supporting Community Thro​ugh Reading