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The Great Gatsby

by F. Scott Fitzgerald                      


28 April 2022

Gatsby in Connecticut: The Untold Story viewing, 6:30pm

Colusa County Free Library, 738 Market Street

The summer Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald lived in Connecticut inspired one of the world’s most beloved novels: The Great Gatsby. We know the book, we know the films and series, but do we know the truth? Told by Sam Waterston, this 72 minute documentary tracks down the mystery millionaire who threw extravagant parties, uncovers new evidence of the location and players, and digs deep to discover the untold story of the real-life Jay Gatsby himself. We were joined by documentary director, Robert Steven Williams, via zoom. 

29 April 2022

Book Club with a Twist 7:30pm

Rocco's Banquet Hall, 546 Market Street

​We sipped on Fitzgerald's favorite libation and met other community readers! Participants learned how to mix the most popular drinks of the 1920's, and engaged in a "speed-dating" style round table discussion of The Great Gatsby

Sponsored by Rocco's Bar and Grill. Must be 21 to attend. Space is limited; registration is required.

To register, click here.

30 April 2022

Colusa Community Theater, Colusa Union High School

745 10th Street, Colusa

​9:30-10:00, Pierce High School Jazz Ensemble 
Led by Ron Rector, the Pierce High School Jazz Ensemble greeted Virginia Read Day participants with music from the Roaring 20s.  

10:00, A Glimpse of Gatsby, brought to you by Stagehands

A surprise cast of community members enacted one of the most pivotal scenes from The Great Gatsby. Performed by Brendan Farrell as Nick Carraway, Megan Farrell as Jordan Baker, Winston Welch as Tom Buchanan, Loni Gross as Daisy Buchanan and Mitchell Yerxa as Jay Gatsby.

10:15-11:00,  The Great Gatsby with Dr. Matthew Stratton in memory of Dr. Peter Hays
UC Davis English professor, Dr. Matthew Stratton,  led a lecture using notes from the late Dr. Peter Hays. Dr. Hays was scheduled to deliver this year's keynote address before his death in late March. Dr. Hays was a leading expert in literature of the 1920s, particularly that of Fitzgerald and his counterpart Ernest Hemingway. 
Dr. Stratton's focus on literary modernism added depth and additional insight into the lecture notes he read in honor of his colleague. Following the lecture he led a Q&A session with a very lively discussion. 

11:30-1:30, Walk with Gatsby historic homes and building tour
A tour, beginning at the Colusa Union High School, of the city's early twentieth century landmarks enambled walkers to compare and contrast Colusa of the 1920s with that of Fitzgerald's West Egg. 

The short walking tour was designed by the Virginia Read Committee and the City of Colusa's Heritage Preservation Commission using images and information culled from Jane Foster Carter’s award-winning If the Walls Could Talk, Colusa’s Architectural Heritage, published in 1988. 

The Carter family and book designer LK James are bringing this local classic back into print. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of Colusa’s  history. Copies will be available for purchase in late 2022 for $100.
Or reserve your copy NOW with a down payment of $20, made payable to the City of Colusa, with HPC “Walls” book in the memo line, and mailed to HPC, c/o Jim White, 510 10th Street, Colusa.

2:00-3:30, Art Deco Floral Design with Susi Gillum
Friendship Hall, 511 Oak Street
NGC Master Flower Show Judge and highly sought-after design demonstrator and workshop leader Susi Gillum taught dozens of participants how to create a Gatsby-worth floral arrangement for their home. 

Sponsored by the Colusa County Garden Club. 

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“Laughter is easier minute by minute, spilled with prodigality tipped out at a cheerful word.”

Set in the summer of 1922, The Great Gatsby is both a tragic love story, and a social commentary on American life. Despite depicting an aspect of American life a century ago, the story is as relevant today as it was when it was written. The story of the wealthy, quixotic Jay Gatsby and his obsessive love for Daisy Buchanan is also a cautionary tale of the American Dream in all its hedonism, decadence, and passion.

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