Supporting Community Thro​ugh Reading

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

Where to Find the Virginia Read 

The VYCR is supported by many community organizations and businesses. You will find copies for loan or purchase at the following locations:

The Colusa County Free Library,  738 Market Street,  Colusa, CA

Also available in the Arbuckle, Grimes, Maxwell, Princeton, Stonyford, and Williams library branches.

The Bookworm Used Book Store,  440 Market Street,  Colusa, CA

Davison Drug and Stationery,  640 Market Street,  Colusa, CA

Current and past selections can be purchased in store.  

The Pleasant Pheasant Bookstore, 1059 Court Street, Suite 109, Woodland, CA 

​Books can be purchased in store, or online

If you would like to donate copies of the Virginia Read, contact the Bookworm Used Book Store or one of our local or school libraries. For further information on how to support the Virginia Read, please contact us

Where to Find VYCR Tee Shirts & Bags 

"Spread the word" about the VYCR project with your own Virginia Read tee shirt, sweatshirt or bag. You can get these items from Stitches Custom Embroidery, in Colusa, CA.  Contact Lloyd Green at (530) 701-3533 for more information. Featuring the VYCR logo designed by Alison Yerxa, the possibilities are endless.

Useful Links  

Lifelong Readers Book Club
The Lifelong Readers Book Club is a collaboration between the Colusa County Free Library Literacy Program and the Friends of the Library. Every month, the Library Book Club participants select a book to read for the following month’s meeting where one member volunteers to lead a discussion. Everyone is welcome and there is no cost.
The LitLovers website is dedicated to books and book clubs. This “well-read online community” has ideas for starting your own book club, suggestions and activities for established book clubs, and many other resources for readers, including information about this year’s Virginia Read.

What Other Communities are Reading
One Book projects are happening all around the country. This link will connect you to booklists and websites from other communities.